Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

hay! hello august (:


thanks before to july. thanks for everything. thanks for tears and happiness.

hello august, nice to meet you!

i don’t know what happen with august. maybe happiness or maybe sadness.

thanks 4th august.. you give me awesome suprise! NOW, i’m student at internasional accounting tanjungpura university. thanks always grant my prayer. thanks for my mom & dad you’re my spirit :)

i must give the best for my parents and for many people love me. BISMILLAH (:

yeah..august again! i make big change for my live! i hate you! really hate you! i erase all about you. i don’t have memories about you. you just hurt me. you always lie! you’re bullshit. you’re selfish. you’re coward. and maybe you can be called an animal (re: dog) you just hurt me, you just play me.

hemmmm…but i believe god will reward all. one day you’ll be sorry.

OH god…please always give the best for me, and keep me away from all the painfull (:

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