Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011


Happy Anniversarie 1 years 9 month, 21 month, 630 days, 15120 hours, 907200 minutes and 54432000 seconds (:

Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

18years now.

i'm eighteen

Yesterday was my 18th birthday, i cant't believe that I am not a 17th years old girl anymore right now. in this post, i wanna say Thank you for Those who gratulated me, made wishes for me, hope Allah hear our good prays, amin (: these are some of wishes from you for me ... so happy to read it all :D

The super spesial gift from my dear fella "Ismi Mandasari" So happy to get the one, Thanks hunny. mwah!

these are some of your wishes, soo tired to make these all printscreen...

at least, i love you all. thank you so much, and I'm wishing all the best for me as well, Amin ...

Btw, Thank you mama papa who always be beside me and always support me and thank you for the wishes. i love you the most ! Thanks you for my ta, although just wishes via sweet talking via phone, and little party, but i think is enough. Thanks you for my girl..thanks for your surpise. its awesome! i love you all..

Lots Love, Amel <3